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Chase (aka Svarun) *

Chase, once known in Taiwan as Svarun and as AhDing, now lives in Everett, Washington, where he enjoys long hikes in beautiful country with his new family: the man that he was always looking for, and a dog sister called Cookie (also a Taiwan Dog!). 

Current photos are coming soon... and his old adoption ad's below!

Svarun is a 6 year-old medium-sized mixed breed male with short glossy black fur, brown markings, and cool classic Taiwan Mountain Dog stand-up ears. 

He weighs about 15 kg; (he used to be quite skinny when he showed up and has been putting on weight slowly but steadily ever since). 

He is fully immunized and has been neutered. 

His is spunky and energetic and needs a home where he can get lots of exercise.  He is smart and very trainable and very motivated both by food and by cuddles.  He is not house-trained because he lives in his own "house" outside, but if someone is interested in bringing him into their home, I can arrange for him to start getting some house-life practice here before he is sent over.   

This dog was passed from person to person to person, only to be let down by each new "owner," before he wound up outside my house, starving and alone and scared.  This is a dog who has waited long enough for his true family to find him and bring him home.  If you feel you might be that home, please contact me via mailform. 

And please read lots more about him below! 

The first time I saw Svarun he had jumped with a thump onto to the roof of my car and was sitting there, in the rain, gazing with longing into my house through the window. 

When Svarun first showed up from out of nowhere, it had been pouring rain for weeks and weeks and there were deep puddles of water almost everywhere outside.  Svarun proceeded to occupy the only dry spot outside (right under my cat's exit window), and from day one he seemed intent on finding a way into my home, whether it was by breaking into the backyard over the fence or jumping into my kitchen over the half-doors.  Even though he wanted to get into my house, he was quite timid and he would scuttle away whenever he saw me or any other human.  He wouldn't go away, and yet he was terrified of me.  He was a mystery.  I thought he might have lost his way somehow following the highway near my house, but he didn't seem at all like a dog who had been recently abandoned.  Apart from the fact that he wanted to get into my house so badly, he acted like a wild dog.  He feared people like a wild dog, and he moved like a wild dog.

He hung around for days and just looked worse and worse by the day.  All my friends told me to ignore him because I already had too many dogs living with me and because the stray problem here is just endless... they told me that if I took in every stray that came to my house, I'd be overwhelmed.  Some people advised me to call the dog catchers to take this furtive unappealing stray away, but knowing how hopeless the shelter here is (99% euthanasia rate), I just couldn't do it.  This odd black dog was making my life miserable: my cat was scared of him and after he turned up she ran away from home; I was so worried about her.  I searched for her for over a week before I found her camping in a torn down house and carried her home, only to have her run away again because that dog was still camping outside our house all the time. 

Then one day outside when I was carrying an empty can back to the house, Svarun saw me and for the first time ever he actually came up to me.  Then he looked me in the eyes and sat down right in front of me!  I was so surprised!  It seemed like he was trying to show me, "hey, I know what to do to get some food!"  Even though I had nothing to give him at that moment, it was the turning point; from then on Svarun trusted me and started following me around.  The change in him was amazing.  He had been a cowering, nervous, slinking dog; now he became a bouncing, enthusiastic, confident dog!  And something in me changed too... I hadn't seen much good in this dog, but now I began to admire his alert ears, his playful attitude, his speed, his beauty.  I was touched by the trust in his eyes. 

After he trusted me he just blossomed, and it soon became obvious that he used to be somebody's dog, and that someone once had really loved him.  He really knows his tricks (and he learned them all in Mandarin Chinese!).  He responds to "zuo yi xia" (sit) and probably lots more if I could only guess what the right commands are! 

Once we became friends, I found out that Svarun already knew how to ride a scooter.  He's got really polite scooter manners; he's actually the best scooter rider of all the dogs I know.  Some dogs can get a little too excited on the scooter, but Svarun sits calmly for the entire ride, and sometimes he even rests his head lightly on my knee as we travel.  There's no trouble with him at street lights or stops in the traffic: he's content to stay on the scooter no matter what's going on around us.  Even after we arrive he often won't get off right away; it's like someone taught him the command for disembarking, and he's waiting for me to say it!  (But I haven't figured out what he thinks that command is.  I've tried a few likely ones but they aren't what he's waiting to hear.)

Svarun has a special response to men.  When he meets women, he's friendly and happy but not overly impressed.  When he meets men, however, he gets all playful and puppyish, so I'm guessing that the first person who loved and trained him was a man.  Sometimes when he meets men, he gets really excited and plays a sort of jumping tag game with their feet and hands if they let him.  (The guys I know who are used to dogs all play with him when he gets like that, and Svarun has a blast; but a couple friends who aren't used to dogs have come over and they haven't known what to make of Svarun's odd tagging behavior with their feet.)  I imagine that this is how Svarun played with his first owner once upon a time. 

Recently I had to sit and wait with Svarun in the sun outside a police station, and the police saw us and invited us to wait inside in the cool.  When we are outside at my place, Svarun is never the dog to sit still for longer than a moment, so in the station I was surprised at how patient and content Svarun was just to sit by my chair and observe.  He was so good; he was the model dog!  All the policemen complimented him on his looks, smarts, and behavior!  Whenever a new policeman walked into the room, Svarun sort of perked up and seemed to be waiting for something to happen.  I noticed that Svarun was really looking at each man in turn; Svarun seemed to be searching for someone (maybe for HIS man). 

Little things make Svarun so happy.  He is the only dog I know who gets all excited when I change the water in his water bowl!  Even though it's an event that happens NUMEROUS times throughout the day, it never fails to thrill Svarun.  He's the only one of my dogs who actually wags his tail nonstop when he's lapping up water.  And if you think he gets excited about fresh water, you should see what he's like when it's time to eat! 

Sometimes I take him running next to the scooter for exercise, and he loves it.  He runs like the wind and he is just beautiful when he does.  I want him to go to a home where he has ample opportunity to run! 

Svarun also really loves to get rubs and pets; it turns out he's a very cuddly guy, though I never would have guessed it when I first saw him.  Now he loves being petted so much that it makes him want to dance, fly, dash around with joy!  He's funny, when I give him a little pat it makes him so happy that he just can't sit still and when I say "okay!" he'll be up like a rocket and burst into joyous speed, running around so fast that he becomes a blur.  But then right away he'll want a little more love so he'll come dashing back and fall into an abrupt halt at my feet for another brief sit and cuddle!  Svarun seems to have two speeds: his cuddly still speed and his joyous zip around speed, and the sudden change between his two speeds can sometimes be a little startling.  Once or twice in the beginning he actually knocked into my head (OUCH!) when I leaned down to pet him more just as he was flying up into a leap of joy; that's why now I give him the "okay" before he leaps and then I get out of the way! 

He's gotten used to not jumping up to put his paws on me because I have always quickly asked him to sit instead before he had the chance.  (He's quick so I had to be really quick!)  Now I almost never have to remind him not to jump on me: when he's dashing around he comes bounding up to me, and instead of jumping he'll choose to do a purposeful SIT; sometimes he just freezes mid-run right in front of me, it looks like he's about to leap but instead he STANDS, really hard, and then he'll look up at me with expectant eyes, waiting for his cuddle.  He's really cute, and he always gets the cuddle!  He does still have to be reminded not to jump his front paws up onto new people.  He really is rambunctious but also so eager to please; I want him to go to someone who will take the time to give him lots more loving training so he can learn how to be accepted into his new human pack. 

When Svarun's happy he not only runs, he bounces!  He'll run run run and then bounce!, he's standing on my scooter seat... then flying off into the air he touches down on the ground for more crazy circles only to bounce! up again onto the trunk of my car.  He just flies around and around and up and down.  He's so good at jumping he could be a stunt dog.  (Svarun is one of several excellent jumper-dogs that I know; I don't know if it's something about Taiwan dogs or something in the water at my house... sometimes I suspect it's my cat and that they've all been learning cat secrets from her!). 

Svarun is the only dog I know who keeps breaking INTO my backyard instead of OUT of it.  Although my fence is nothing to him, (and he's also good at climbing bamboo!), I don't think he will ever be the dog who busts out of a backyard and runs away from home... his all-consuming goal seems to be to get INTO a home, not to leave home.  If given the chance and the choice, Svarun chooses home every time.

Svarun is very good on a leash and when he's not on a leash he loves to come back when I call him, IF he hears my call that is: sometimes outside he will stray far away from me and then it takes a little while before he can make it back; often actually he'll go out of earshot, but he's never gone for long.  (More often he's in and out, doing his mad dash into my range, falling to a sit at my feet.)