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Please find cute and highly adoptable animals in our submenu below!   

(Recent adoptions: Verlore is now in California, Little H now lives here in Yilan, and Shadow is in heaven.) 

Animals currently waiting for adoption:

The kittens are about a month old, both male and female.  

Moonbeam is a young female who's been through a lot.  She's very smart and very sweet with those she trusts, but has lots of fear issues with strangers.  She needs a very special home and some amazing people who can help her overcome her issues. 

Koa is a brave little guy who had to have one of his back legs amputated.  Please read his page for his story, and contact AIR if you'd like to help with giving him a home (temporary or permanent). 

Taroko and her puppies are a sweet family who were dumped by an irresponsible owner.  They need homes!  

Moonbeam and Koa and Taroko and her puppies are available to be adopted anywhere in Taiwan.  They are also available to be adopted in western North America.  They can easily and cheaply be flown to San Francisco or Los Angeles, so California is best, but some dogs in the past have been adopted to as far flung places as Austin, Texas; Reno, Nevada; and even England and Germany...  If you want to know more about international adoption please send me a mailform and I'll give you the details. 

There is an adoption fee which goes to help cover part of the animals' medical expenses, such as immunizations and spaying/neutering; if the animal is sent overseas, the adoption fee also goes towards covering the travel costs. 

We require that prospective adopters fill out an application form, and we make a homevisit to ensure that the right animal is going to the right environment.   

For more details on the fee and application process, please contact me via mailform.  

Link to the dogs from the submenu below to read their stories and see their cute photos!